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Creative multicultural brand manager with over 8 years of experience. Highly regarded for prioritizing consumer engagement growth through culturally relevant brand strategies and cross-functional partnerships. 


  • Brand Partnerships

  • Event programming

  • Consumer engagement

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With a proven track record in building marketing strategies, I identify attractive business opportunities and design value propositions to increase revenue.
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Hire me to ensure your company's
marketing efforts turn into revenue growth.
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In order to build brand engagement, marketing strategies can’t stagnate. In an information saturated market, how can brands truly engage consumers?
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I achieve business objectives through the implementation of experiential marketing strategies and impecable account management. I work with global marketing teams, international stakeholders, global clients and media.



The Coca-Cola Company

Led the multicultural U.S. aspect of Coca-Cola's most accessible and inclusive FIFA World Cup™ campaign ever.


  • Managed the company's largest marketing campaign for the Hispanic market

  • Adjusted global concept for multicultural markets

  • Implemented cross-functional, scalable communications strategy




Crown Royal


Crown Royal, Diageo

In Canada’s 150th year, we partnered with Black Tomato take you on an all-encompassing, ultra-luxurious journey across Canada. 


  • Worked closely with director and talent to produce 5 video destination series

  • Developed concept and production timelines

  • Led cross-functional, scalable communications strategy




Brothers in Exile - ESPN

Managed the launch of "Brothers in Exile" as part of ESPN's film series 30 for 30. The launch and its PR coverage raised network's viewership, advertisers' sales and brand awarness.


  • Developed yearly communications plan

  • Implementated marketing concepts into programming

  • Developed strong stakeholder and community relationships

Ur Allure
Beauty Tale

Developed and executed a creative self-esteem campaign targeted to millennial women businesses. Through storytelling, this campaign empowered young women to realize that their value lays within, instead of the shallow image that mass media sells every day.

Behind the Lens. Content Creation Pieces.

I have witnessed first hand the positive results of consumer engagement and  branded content strategies. In the same way I enjoy spending time behind the lens to create some of those engaging pieces. 

Marketing Projects



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