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Born and raised in Colombia, Maji [Pronounced like the Mahi-Mahi fish] spent 10 years as a creative director and marketeer for tech and CPG giants in the U.S. including KAYAK, Crown Royal and Coca-Cola, before solely focusing her sight through the camera lens.


With what many have called a raw style, Maji captures the intersection of culture and the hybrid duality between art and marketing through her work. She has a fascination with natural light and bringing minorities and juxtapositions to the spotlight, in order to capture the essence of her clients beyond what meets the eye.

[She is spellbound by travel, 34 countries, 5 continents, but who's counting?]

Features and Clients 

Capitol Records 
Carmen DeLeon
Valerie Brugal

Emilie Sobel

Mob Journal

Fienfh Magazine
East Hotels

Miami Food Porn

MVM Miami

Caliber Strong
Garcia’s Bros
Quinto la Huella
Carrot Express
Domi Canastas

Creative Director  •  Photographer

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